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​Etsuko Sato
​Born in Tokyo and based in Tokyo, JAPAN
​Lives and works in Tokyo

It is said that the development of photography is deeply tied in with painting.

Starting from the idea that "something exists there",I create a space to photograph not only by capturing a scene before my eyes, but also through the process of transposing images seen in the mind into actual colors and shapes. 
In so doing, I seek a sensual engagement with the surrounding environment that is included in the act of seeing.


2022  "Art Bonenkai group exhibition", Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama,Japan
TEN", Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama,Japan
2021  "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2021", Online venue
​          "Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021", Online venue

     "Kassel Dummy Award 2020" (Photo Book)
          PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography / Melbourne,Australia      
          HONG KONG PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL / Kowloon,Hong Kong 

2020  "Kassel Dummy Award 2020" (Photo Book)
          Organvida International Photography Festival / Zagreb, Croatia 
          Photobook Week Aarhus / Aarhus, Denmark 
          FOTOGRAF Festival Praha / Prague, Czech Republic 
          NOKS Art Space Istanbul / Istanbul, Turkey 
          Photoireland / Dublin, Ireland 
          Angkor Photo / Siem Reap, Cambodia
          SIPF Singapore International Photography Festival / Singapore
2019  Artist in Residence "BankArt AIR 2019 again", BankArt Station, Yokohama,Japan
​          "paintings 20+", Gallery Hillgate, Kyoto,Japan
​          "SETOUCHI ART BOOK FAIR 2019", Kagawa,Japan
​          "20:20 Print Exchange 2018", Neo:gallery,Bolton UK, Moscow, Ireland
2018  "SMF Takarabuneten 2018@MOMAS",The Museum of Modern Art Saitama,Saitama,Japan
​2017  "Places as Points",Nakanojo Biennale 2017, Gunma,Japan
2015   Solo Exhibition "Room",Jiro Miura Gallery,Tokyo,Japan
          "STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographers",IMA gallery,Tokyo,Japan
2014  "RAIEC SHOW 2014",Gallery TANTO TEMPO,Kobe,Japan
Portfolio Exhibition",3331 Arts Chiyoda,Tokyo,Japan
          "mazell-Be!",Place M,Tokyo,Japan

2019  "Artist talk",BankArt AIR 2019 again,Kagawa,Japan
2017  "Artist talk",Nakanojo Biennale 2017,Gunma,Japan
​2015  "Artist talk",STEP OUT!New Japanese Photographers,Tokyo,Japan

​2014  ”Emerging photographers slide show”,Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival,Kobe,Japan


2014  IMA MAGAZINE Vol.10,STEP OUT! Vol.6
​          Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival 2014
2020  Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award 2020, shortlist (DE)
2014  Prix de la photographie Paris (PX3),Honorable Mention Fine art-professinal (FR)


The PhotoBook Museum, Cologne, Germany

Kyoto University of the Arts Graduate Faculty of Art and Design Department of Fine Art, Oil Painting Course









佐藤 悦子
展示 :
2022  "Art 忘年会 group exhibition", Launch Pad Gallery, 神奈川県横浜市
     "TEN", Launch Pad Gallery, 神奈川県横浜市
2021  "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2021", オンライン会場
          "Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021", オンライン会場
          "Kassel Dummy Award 2020" (写真集)
          PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography / メルボルン, オーストラリア  

2020  "Kassel Dummy Award 2020" (写真集)
          Organvida International Photography Festival / ザグレブ, クロアチア
          Photobook Week Aarhus / オーフス, デンマーク
          FOTOGRAF Festival Praha / プラハ, チェコ
          NOKS Art Space Istanbul / イスタンブール, トルコ
          Photoireland / ダブリン, アイルランド
          Angkor Photo / シェムリアップ, カンボジア
          SIPF Singapore International Photography Festival / シンガポール
2019  "アーティスト・イン・レジデンス"BankArt AIR 2019 again", Bankart Station, 神奈川県横浜市
​          "paintings 20+", ギャラリーヒルゲート, 京都府京都市
​          "SETOUCHI ART BOOK FAIR 2019", 披雲閣,香川県高松市
​          "20:20 Print Exchange 2018", Neo:gallery, Bolton UK, Moscow, Ireland
2018  "SMF宝船展2018@MOMAS",埼玉県立近代美術館,埼玉県浦和区
2017  "点在する場所",中之条ビエンナーレ2017, 群馬県中之条町
2016   アクシスフォトマルシェ3,AXIS GALLERY,東京都港区
2015   個展 "Room",みうらじろうギャラリー,東京都中央区
          "STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographers",IMA gallery,東京都港区
2014  "RAIEC SHOW 2014",Gallery TANTO TEMPO,兵庫県神戸市
Portfolio Exhibition",3331 Arts Chiyoda,東京都千代田区
          "mazell-Be!",Place M,東京都新宿区

イベント :

2019  ”アーティストトーク”,BankArt AIR 2019 again,神奈川県横浜市
​2017  ”アーティストトーク”,中之条ビエンナーレ2017,群馬県中之条町
2015  "アーティストトーク”,STEP OUT!New Japanese Photographers,東京都港区

​2014  "Emerging photographers slide show",六甲山国際写真祭,兵庫県神戸市

出版物 :

2014  ”IMA MAGAZINE Vol.10,STEP OUT! Vol.6”
​          ”Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival 2014”

2020  Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award 2020, shortlist (ドイツ)
2014  Prix de la photographie Paris (PX3),Honorable Mention Fine art-professinal (フランス)


​The PhotoBook Museum, ケルン, ドイツ
学歴 :








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